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Kevin Algar

I believe that only a well thought out and executed personal insurance plan can protect the future lifestyle and independence of the ones you love when the unexpected occurs.

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 Every client is unique and has a different tolerance of risk and varying capacity to deal with its consequences.

It is for this reason I have joined the insurance industry. In my past occupations I have provided people with mortgages and loans to achieve their goals of home ownership or other lifestyle goals. I have also received the phone calls months or years down the track when some unexpected event has occurred altering the customers personal financial situation and they can no longer meet their financial commitments. I have also had clients who have had insurance in place for such events and seen the relief that the knowledge of an accepted claim can bring.

Some risks in life, the consequences we can manage ourselves, some we can avoid, and some the consequences are too big for us to handle.

However, with a well thought out personal insurance plan we can transfer those consequences should they occur and provide security for the lifestyles of the one’s dependent on us.

We have no preconceived ideas when we meet a client for the first time. We will talk about what’s important to you. Where you’re at now, your plans for the future, identify the risks and those that you can accept and those that you will need help with. We will then come back to you with some recommendations to consider and work with you to tailor an insurance plan to meet your own personal circumstances.

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