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Client-focused excellence in advice

Our prime objective is to provide clients with the most comprehensive, tailored approach to insurance possible. We support our advisers in building a career based on understanding client’s circumstances and motivations, and being able to source the right individual solution. In short, we’re here to help you build a business you can be proud of.

Licensing options for the new regime

We are ready for the new regime and have two options for advisers who wish to join Insurance Link: (1) Join the Link Financial Advice Provider (FAP), or (2) Join Insurance Link under your own FAP. Either way, we are ready to help advisers thrive in the new regime.

Long-standing provider relationships

We have strong, long-standing relationships with all of the main insurers in New Zealand, meaning our advisers have access to the quality products and solutions for their clients.

Nationwide networking and connection

The world of risk assessment can be quite lonely - often you are working by yourself, without the support of a team. By joining Insurance Link, this changes overnight. Your fellow Insurance Link advisers will become your team: a support network of people who understand your business – the good and the challenging – and who can be called on for advice, questions and of course, an enjoyable chat.

Trusted relationships and expertise

Benefit from decades of experience and expertise. We are linked (yes, the pun is intended!) to Mortgage Link, a trusted New Zealand brand that has offered quality mortgage advice since 1991. Our combined group of over 120 advisers have helped over 80,000 New Zealanders in our time and we have a wealth of knowledge to share with advisers who join our network.

Flexible branding options

If you have built your brand from nothing to something you are immensely proud of, our model for own-brand advice businesses could be the option for you. Or if you’d like to join under a trusted brand in insurance advice, you might like to consider our branded model.

Resources and support

Advice Link

Access to our purpose-built CRM, designed and built by advisers for advisers. Advice Link is a client-facing system that holds all of your client data and streamlines your advice process. Online application, Needs Analysis, and building of Statement of Advice are all taken care of, making it easy to meet your compliance obligations. Advice Link supports task-management and much more, providing a comprehensive practice solution.

Ongoing training and development

Along with regular provider training, system training, webinars and ongoing business development with a focus on growth, we also offer two personal development days every year, and hold an annual conference.

Marketing materials and lead generation

If you choose to work under the Insurance Link brand then you will receive marketing support, branding and marketing materials, as well as any leads generated in your area.


We love to celebrate our amazing advisers, so we promote you on our website and via social media.

Access to Workplace

This is a closed group on the Facebook platform that is designed purely for Insurance Link advisers to share information and collaborate. If you have a question outside of hours (or at any time) then this is the place to post it. One of the Insurance Link team will be able to advise you, but so will your adviser colleagues. We also use this platform for regular industry updates

Access to FINERGY

Digital marketing and client communication plans, designed specifically for Mortgage Link and Insurance Link advisers.

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