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21 Sep 2021

Eleven creative ways to boost your income

Ever find yourself with a bit extra time on hand? Do you think about all the things you’d like to do? Well, if there’s an entrepreneurial streak within, a side hustle may just be the thing for you.

According to a 2021 survey by*, one in three Kiwis has a second income stream. What’s more, they are doing it through a side hustle.

Why side hustles can be a great idea

What if you could do something you really enjoy, while making some money at it?

A side hustle is all about boosting your financial wellbeing. According to Kevin McHugh, publisher at Finder, having multiple income streams is “one of the best ways to ensure financial security.” And in some cases, a side hustle can even grow into a successful business.

Plus, you can use that money for anything – from paying off your mortgage or other debts, saving for a first-home deposit, or just everyday expenses.

Here are some key reasons why it can be fruitful:

  • You can do it on your own time.
  • You can do it from the comfort of your home, or anywhere.
  • You might not need any qualification or major financial investment to start with.
  • You could pick any skills or hobby you like. The sky is the limit when it comes to creative ideas here.

To help nudge you closer towards your financial goals, here are 11 ideas for a side hustle.

Artist – Have a knack for the arts? Why not sell some of your work (that’s also a passion)? You could be a painter, videographer, photographer or even a home or fashion designer, and make some money out of something you enjoy doing.

Second-hand seller – One of the top ways Kiwis are making extra income is by selling second-hand items, things around the house that you may not need anymore but could make for some decent pocket money.

Craftsperson – Enjoy creating and playing with materials? You could sell your own artisan candles, or clay pots, personalised clothing or origami décor, on platforms like Trade Me or Facebook Marketplace.

Actor – Do you daydream about an acting career? Well, movie sets across the country look for extras or assistants all the time. 

Creative upcycling – If you’re all about thinking ‘outside the box’, this one can be for you. You could buy old, used items on marketplaces, and upcycle them – giving them a new lease of life, a great find for someone else.

Closet renter – Got a collection of outfits at home? You could make some money off them, by renting them out via websites like Designer Wardrobe or Dress Hire NZ.

Freelancer – Like to work on some skills? You could freelance any skills imaginable, on some popular websites like Upwork, Fiverr, or The Digital Store.

Tutor – Looking to help someone out? Teaching others the skills that you may excel at, and can teach, can be a great way to make a difference, and make some money.

Mystery shopper – Did you know that some businesses pay you for your valuable feedback? You can make money as a ‘mystery shopper’, and looking at their customer service experience.

At-home chef – Love to cook? Maybe, there are some ‘secret’ recipes that you’d like to share with the world. You could put some videos online on YouTube, start a cooking class, or become a personal chef for busy families.

Sitter – Perhaps one of the key interesting things on this list, you could try baby-sitting, house sitting, or even pet sitting for others. Websites and apps like Pawshake are designed to connect pet owners with trusted pet sitters.

In the end, creating an extra income stream is all about growing your money to help achieve some of your life’s milestones, while also following your passions and interests at the same time.

Like some more ideas? Check out this handy list with side hustles you can do in New Zealand.

*Research methodology: The survey was conducted among a nationally representative pool of 1,501 New Zealanders aged 18 and above. 



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