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23 Jan 2023

How health insurance can boost your well-being

You probably already know that health insurance is designed to give you timely access to private medical treatment. What you may not know, however, is that health insurance can boost your well-being in more ways than one. Of course, benefits vary from provider to provider. So, if you’re exploring your options for the first time or would like to take a closer look at an existing policy – get in touch. Here are the health-related benefits in a nutshell.

It may facilitate early detection

Early detection can make a big difference to your treatment options and recovery rates. 

Sometimes, it’s all it takes to prevent an issue from worsening, and it’s a key area where having health insurance helps. For example, your policy may include discounted or free screening programmes, eyesight tests and mole-maps – a great incentive to keep your well-being in check year after year. 

It could give you more options

Options – it’s what health insurance is about. Some policies take a holistic approach to your well-being, covering things like acupuncture and nutrition consultations. Plus, many insurance providers also offer cover for non-Pharmac funded treatments, like certain Medsafe-approved cancer medications that are yet to be subsidised through the public health system. 

It can reward your healthy choices

Health insurance is all about health and wellness, and more and more insurers now offer wellness programmes to reward customers for their healthy lifestyle. From gym discounts to premium discounts, get in touch to know more about these extra ‘well-being benefits’.

It might improve your mental well-being

Many studies – both globally and locally – have found that insurance comes with key intangible benefits. 

For example, knowing that your financial future is protected, no matter what life throws at you, can provide you and your family with invaluable peace of mind, improving your overall mental well-being. And it doesn’t end there. If you’re looking for direct mental health support, some insurers cover the cost of mental health consultations up to an agreed limit. 

It aims to make healthcare more convenient

There are many positives to seeing a doctor in person, but it may not always be possible – or perhaps, you just like the flexibility to speak with registered doctors online. 

Thanks to technology, telehealth consultations allow you to access medical advice and information from the comfort of your home. And some health insurance providers are now partnering with services CareHQ, Best Doctors, or Tend, to ensure that their customers can access a doctor at anytime from anywhere. 

Thinking about health insurance?

We’re here to help. No policy is the same, and we can talk you through the options that each insurer offers, including health-related benefits and add-ons.


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