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07 Dec 2022

Six signs it’s time for an insurance review

While good insurance policies provide huge peace of mind, they are not something you can “set and forget”. It’s important to regularly review your cover to make sure it’s still appropriate for your circumstances. So, here are six signs it’s time to book in a review.


It’s a been a while since you last talked to your adviser

As your insurance adviser, we like to keep in regular contact with you. If it’s been a year or longer since you last got in touch, now would be an excellent time to drop us a line to work out whether what you have in place is still appropriate for your situation and objectives.

You’ve had kids

Kids change lots of things in your life – including your insurance needs! If you’ve recently had a child or children, it’s a good idea to check in with us to make sure you still have enough cover. 

Sometimes having kids means you need to have higher levels of life insurance, particularly if you have more of your household relying on your income.

You’ve started (or bought) a business – or sold one

Being a business owner comes with its own insurance questions. If you’ve recently gone into business for yourself, you may need to check in on how your existing policies would deal with that, or whether you need any additional cover. If you’ve sold a business, you may need to readjust your policies, too.

You’ve had a significant pay rise

A big pay rise is usually something to celebrate. But it might also mean that your income protection policies could be out-of-date. If you think your income has increased to the point where the amount you’re insured for doesn’t line up any longer, it’s worth booking a review. Once your budget adjusts to your new pay level, it can be a shock to have to revert to a lower amount.

You’ve married or entered a serious relationship

If you now have a significant other, it’s an excellent idea to get in touch with your insurance adviser and talk about how your insurance policies work together. You can discuss things like who should own which policy and how much cover you need as a household. 

You’ve taken on significant debt

If you’ve bought a house or another asset that has required significant debt, it’s time to check whether your policies are still sufficient. If your obligations have increased, it likely means you need more protection.

Like to talk?

If you’ve ticked off any of these life milestones, or just generally think it’s time to make sure your insurance is fit for purpose, get in touch with us today. We can help you understand what is on offer and how it can cater for your needs.


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