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29 Jul 2021

Great Kiwi podcasts for your winter moods

What are you listening to these days? With the cooler temperatures lasting a while, Kiwis may well resort to newer forms of entertainment for good company. And, podcasts can be a great choice – they’re immersive, and you can listen to them anytime, anywhere.

Here are some of the top podcasts to try this winter.

White Silence

The top-ranking podcast for New Zealand in 2020, White Silence is a riveting retelling of an unforgotten mystery. Michael Wright and Katy Gosset’s award-winning work takes you through the fateful day that was the Erebus disaster, and the ensuing “white silence” over how it happened, and who was to blame. The podcast explores the psychological impact of the tragedy, key investigations, and why it lives on in many a Kiwi’s mind today. 

The Aotearoa History Show

How about a nice scoop of our history? A great accompaniment for the calm night-in, The Aotearoa History Show talks about the story of Aotearoa and its people, all the way from our origins to the modern day. 

RNZ journalists William Ray & Leigh-Marama McLachlan deliver a lively (and animated) narration of everything you’d like to know about our land – from 100 million years ago when it was literally just land, to the first Polynesian explorers, The Treaty of Waitangi, post-war New Zealand… up to today. 

The Service

On his 10th birthday, John Daniell’s mother told him she used to be a Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) agent. Shortly after, Daniell found himself with a stepdad he never knew, who was an active SIS spy in the ongoing Cold War. Now, he and his journalist friend Guyon Espiner embark on a truth-finding journey sparked by a final story from his step-dad – an endeavour that could unravel “New Zealand's biggest Cold War secret.” Check out The Service here.

Kiwi Foodcast

Self-taught cook Perzen Patel has a mouth-watering passion, one he loves sharing with the world. Kiwi Foodcast is made for culinary connoisseurs and food lovers alike, with a table full of stories from the locals who produce our food, to those heading our favourite food trucks and Saturday morning markets. If food festivals and behind-the-scenes knowledge is something you enjoy, this is the podcast for you.

It Takes A Village

For the parents (or parents-to-be), this podcast offers some empathetic educational content on all things parenting. Nine to Noon's Kathryn Ryan brings on experts and educators in a range of fields to help parents navigate modern family life. From advice for new dads and helping build a secure attachment with your child, to helping kids through grief and growing up, it might be just comforting to know that, as a parent, you’re not alone – and it takes a village.

Healthy or Hoax

Do collagen pills really work? Does turmeric? How about fasting? Or your favourite diet? If you have any of these or other questions in mind, Healthy or Hoax is probably your go-to podcast. RNZ’s Stacey Morrison goes over common food fads and facts to answer what’s good for you, and what may just be a good ol’ tale. 


Looking for entertainment with your late-night snack? Karyn Hay hosts Lately on RNZ National every weeknight at 10 p.m. You’d listen to a little bit of everything happening in the entertainment world – live shows, musical conversations, interesting people and even more colourful stories, nicely drizzled with some good humour. 

Looking for more?

Spotify and iTunes are the top picks for podcast listeners, with over 2.2 million podcasts on Spotify alone. Just goes to show how popular they’re becoming as an informative medium of entertainment. Plus, Stuff and Radio New Zealand are creating some great podcasts on the regular, so head over to their websites and take your pick. Happy listening.


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