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29 Jul 2021

You just don’t know, unless you ask

Are you making the most of your insurance? We spoke to a few colleagues and thought about our recent experiences, and found many examples of Kiwis almost missing out on a claim due to not being familiar with their cover. 

Happily, in these instances, their adviser was able to take action and get a claim underway – a reminder of why it’s important to ask.

Here’s some food for thought.

The power of a simple question

According to the Financial Services Council (FSC), the personal insurance industry pays out approximately $1.4 billion in insurance claims every year: a powerful reminder of how insurance helps Kiwis in their everyday lives, whenever they make a claim.

A quick “Am I able to make a claim on this?” can help you understand if it’s covered under your policy. It’s also a good reminder to regularly review your insurance policy. As insurance advisers, we can help you identify if a valid claim is possible. In some cases, you may find that something seemingly irrelevant that happened to you in the past is a claimable event, which means you may still receive a claim payment, if your current insurance was in force at the time.

Your claim lies in the details

How well do you know the small print? The answer to this question can make all the difference at claim time. 

Making a claim starts with understanding your policy well, even the finer details. As insurance advisers, we’re here to shed some light on the ins and outs of your cover: what you’re covered for and what’s excluded, how much you can expect to be paid and what comes out of your pocket (the excess), etc. So, at any time after a medical diagnosis or event, keep us in mind: having an adviser in your corner may take some of the stress off your back by helping with the specifics.

The benefits of advice

Claim time is just one of many key moments where our advice and expertise can benefit your financial life. If you find that a claim can be made, we can help you take care of the paperwork, so you and your family can focus on the next steps. 

Plus, as your adviser, we understand the market, the providers, what’s on offer and what might be appropriate for your insurance needs. We are here as your soundboard – as well as your tap of knowledge – throughout the insurance journey. And our goal is to provide you with well-deserved peace of mind, every step of the way.

Recent FSC research showed that almost half of all Kiwis surveyed had their mental wellbeing impacted by money worries – whereas another FSC study found that financial advice “is transformational” for Kiwis. Having an adviser in your corner can not only help your financial needs, but also bring control, and confidence. As your advisers, we are here to lighten your worries, and help your overall wellbeing.

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