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03 Mar 2021

Is it time for an insurance refresher?

You’ve got insurance – but are you using it to its full potential? No matter how carefully you set up your insurance policies initially, as life gets in the way, it can be easy to 'set and forget’ what’s covered and what’s not. But that could mean that you miss out on potential claims that you’re owed in return for the premiums you pay each month. Here are some key things to consider.

Are you missing out on a claim?

As we said, it can be easy to forget what your insurance policies cover, especially if you’ve taken them out a long time ago or you’re not completely sure what add-ons might be in place.

A good example is people who might have taken out a life insurance product at some point in the past, and opted for a trauma cover add-on to boost their coverage.

Trauma insurance provides the option of a lump sum payout if you suffer a range of serious illnesses. If you had a qualifying cancer or heart problem, for example, but then fully recovered it might not have occurred to you that you could claim on that trauma policy.

Sometimes people forget to put a claim in for a specialist appointment or health procedure to their health insurer, too – or they may not even have realised they were covered.

Schedule regular insurance check-ups

This is another reason why it’s really helpful to check in with us at least annually. As your insurance advisers, we offer annual reviews of your financial protection, to help you ensure that your cover is still aligned with your needs.

Remember, life moves fast and it’s vital that your cover keeps up with you, particularly if you have a growing family or more commitments you need to cover.

Plus, regular reviews can also make all the difference when it comes to making sure you know what to claim on. By knowing what’s going on in your life, we can help you identify if you’ve suffered a claimable event covered by your policy.

Even if you’re not sure if something is claimable or worth claiming for, we recommend getting in touch with us anyway; you may find out that you’re actually entitled to receive a payout.

Wondering about what you have in place?

Get in touch with us for a full refresher, to look at what you have, what you might have been able to claim on, and what you need to protect yourself and your family into the future.


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