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03 Mar 2021

How can you help your child thrive at school?

While our cherubs are settling into the school routine, we want to help them as best we can. School can be quite a stressful time, for you and for your kids. So whether you’re thinking about how to get your kid to finish their lunchbox, or how to calm their nerves on a tough day (we’ve all had one of those), or something to make things easy for yourself, we’ve got you covered. Read on for some school survival tips from the experts.
  • How to encourage a finished lunchbox

You know you want to get on the bento-box trend. They are spacious, cute, and have all the compartments you’ll ever need. A good lunchbox can make all the difference when it comes to how tasty the meal looks. Bento-box-style lunches have ample space for a main, like sandwiches or wraps, and smaller spaces for fruit, veg, yogurt, and their favourite nuts. 

You could also try leaving the making to the little artists, according to Rebecca Hawthorn - mum to two school-goers. Have a chat with them about what they like to eat, then prepare options for them to pick from, and let them create their own lunchbox. If they make it how they like it, they might be keen to finish it.

  • Keeping the stationery costs low

This one is meant to lighten the weight on your shoulders. While stationery is classic, the shift to devices like tablets and laptops might put a bigger dent in your pocket than you’d like. But before you buy anything, consider some things first, like checking what type of device is compatible with the school’s setup, and ask an expert so you get the most out of your buck.

It’s also a good idea to recycle and reuse wherever possible; it may even be an opportunity to talk about wastage with your kids.

  • Their wellbeing is our wellbeing

While little ones have lesser worries than we do, their minds are developing, which means greater care when dealing with their little worries. Are they eating well? Is the school taking care of their safety? Do they feel involved in class, with classmates and teachers alike? Try to address their concerns with love and patience. Keep them active and engaged, and you’ll have healthy, happy tamariki. 

  • Set a routine, and stick to it

The weekend might be a good time to sit down with your whanau and plan your week through. Set up a whiteboard, and try putting down tasks and chores for the day for everyone. That way, your children will know when to go to football practice, and when it is time to wind down for bed.

  • After-school activities and sleep

Health experts recommend 9-11 hours of sleep per night for school-going children, and 8-10 hours for teenagers. To ensure a good night’s sleep, try to encourage an after-school activity that spends their energy well, like football, playing an instrument or kayaking. They might just love the new hobby, and also feel ready to catch some sleep at night.

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