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Shareholder Protection Insurance

Could you cope if one of your business partners circumstances changed that forced unexpected financial pressure?

New Zealand is a nation with many small businesses, some run by groups of shareholders and/or directors who each hold a stake in the company sharing both risk and reward.  If this is your company structure, then it is important to insure against a sudden change. 

Should a shareholder die or be forced out of work due to injury or serious illness then Shareholder Protection Insurance has you covered.

This cover provides a payout to the other shareholders enabling the business to continue to run smoothly and our Insurance Link Advisers are experts in structuring this insurance to meet your specific structure.


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Key Person Insurance

If a key person in your company became incapacitated would you still be able to operate in the same way? If the answer is NO then it is well worth investing in Key Person Insurance.
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Cyber Insurance

Cyber Risk is a major concern for businesses both small and large; as we transact more in a digital space both in communications and financially it is becoming of critical importance to protect your business against cyber-attacks.
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Business Interruption

Sometimes the highest cost of an incident isn’t the repairs, it’s the inability to generate revenue as usual. Business Interruption Insurance can cover you for the profits you would have made and wages your employees would have received if the incident hadn’t occurred.
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Public & Professional Liability

Professional Liability Insurance provides protection in the event that your product or service causes third party loss.
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Premises & Equipment

Protecting your equipment and premises is of paramount importance.
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